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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. We provide specialty services to improve your overall health. You will need to continue with your current primary provider to complete your preventative care such as mammograms, pap smears, follow up appointments for other health conditions you may have, and much more. We are able to share records with your primary provider at your request.

No. We offer a membership program instead. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover services for weight loss or most men’s testosterone replacement. They also do not cover most of the medications we prescribe. Therefore, we have made it easy and convenient for you to receive this care with one affordable monthly price that includes all visits and medications.

We encourage labs to be completed before the initial visit to allow the best utilization of time in our appointments. We go over all of your labs with you and decide on the best options for you. If you have had labs done in the last 3 months with another provider, we will accept those.

Yes. You are welcome to use the laboratory of your choice. However, insurance may or may not cover the labs.

Yes! We are happy to offer telemedicine and virtual visits! This allows us to work around your schedule, providing both convenience and privacy.

When we decide what medications will be best for you, your provider will prescribe and order the medications. They will be delivered to your home.

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